Mark’s sudden and unexpected death was difficult for all that loved him. The MCMBRP attempts to make some sense out of this jarring loss, and to extol an accomplished actor and avid bicyclist.

Since its creation, donations have funded the fabrication and installation of racks with accompanying plaques at the Seattle Repertory Theatre and ACT Theatre, with plans for a third rack at Taproot Theatre.

The racks - called Rac Arcs - were designed by architect Joseph Bellomo and bicyclist Jeff Selzer and are individually fabricated to order by Bike Arc. The arc-shape of each rack represents a partial segment of a once whole circle, and how each person's memory of Mark holds a piece of the whole that was his life.

Accompanying each rack is a plaque by Red 27 Engraving, etched into a substantial aluminum plate and reads: “In memory of Mark Chamberlin who saw in life, as in bicycling, the road chosen is far more important than the destination”.

If you would like to support the MCMBRP,PLEASE CLICK THE "DONATE" button to help us install more racks at Seattle theaters in Mark's memory, and to keep abreast of the prject's progress PLEASE CLICK "FOLLOW" (and don't forget to join the Mark Chamberlin Memorial Bike Rack Project group on Facebook)

Thursday, April 24, 2014

I am pleased to announce that the Mark Chamberlin Memorial Bike Rack at Taproot Theatre is fully installed, complete with stainless steel dedication plaque, and a magnificent photo of Mark himself in The Odyssey at Taproot! The rack is situated in a sunny stairwell right off the new lobby, en route to the admin offices, and visible to pedestrians on the street through a large plate glass window - a prime location that makes it extremely popular with the cyclist at the theatre. Taproot has done a wonderful job of honoring Marks memory, and I couldn't be more grateful! Next time you visit the theatre, please take a look! 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dedication and Reception

The Dedication of the Mark Chamberlin Memorial Bicycle Racks & Plaques (followed by a wonderful reception hosted by the Chamberlin family) took place at ACT Theatre, on October 14th. It was not only a great opportunity to see the ACT Theatre memorial in person, but offered a look at those installed at the Seattle Rep and mock-ups of the 3rd memorial at Taproot Theatreto be installed in the next few months. (See the pictures in the column to the right!)

Betsy Chamberlin and myself spoke briefly on the spirit in which these functioning (and, I might add, handsome) memorials were installed, and the symbolism they hold. It can't be overstated the gratitude we all feel for the support of the hosting theaters, contributing businesses, donors, friends and loved-ones that have contributed to the realization of this project. It was really fantastic to gather so many great people who miss Mark, love his family, and want help to keep his memory alive! Thanks to all who attended and to those who sent their well-wishes in absentia! 

If you would like to donate to the MCMBRP, it is never too late. Each time the funds raised match the expense, a theatre (or appropriate organization) will be approached to host a new site, and another rack with accompanying plaque will be installed! Any contribution is welcome no matter the amount - just click the DONATE button at the top of the column to the right!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

YOU'RE INVITED to the Dedication Ceremony for the Mark Chamberlin Memorial Bike Racks!

MCMBRP donors,  and all friends of Mark Chamberlin,

Kate & Betsy Chamberlin are please to invite you to attend a dedication ceremony and unveiling of the memorial plaques for the Mark Chamberlin Memorial Bike Racks installed at both ACT Theatre and the Seattle Repertory Theatre, in memory of Mark Chamberlin.

The ceremony will take place at 5:00 p.m., Monday October 14th on the 7th floor of ACT Theatre, 700 Union Street, Seattle, WA 98101.

An open house dinner at Kate and Betsy Chamberlin's home will follow afterwards. RSVP for location by emailing Kate at katechamberlin@hotmail.com

Thank you for all your support! Please join us to see the racks, the plaques, and good friends!

Thursday, June 20, 2013


Hello dear friends of the Mark Chamberlin Memorial Bike Rack Project (MCMBRP)!

A little less than two years ago, on July 14th 2011, the MCMBRP accepted its first donation with the goal of installing bike racks with accompanying memorial plaques, at two Seattle theaters where Mark frequently arrived by bike to practice his craft. Today, thanks to the support of Mark's family, friends, and the executive, operational, and technical staff at both theaters, I am pleased to say both bike racks have been installed and the plaques have been engraved! A casual unveiling ceremony(ies) will be announced in the near future to officially dedicate the plaques and racks, and we hope you will join us - please continue to follow this blog site and join the Mark Chamberlin Memorial Bike Rack Project group on Facebook to keep abreast of event announcements!

Both racks look fantastic in the sites generously donated by each theatre and are already being put to use by staff and artists alike! The racks, called RAC ARCs by their designer, architect Joseph Bellomo, were individually custom-fabricated for the MCMBRP by the Bike Arc company in Palo Alto, California.  The handsome, newly engraved brushed-aluminum plaques, were designed in collaboration with Mark's family and fabricated by Red 27 Engraving; they  are both stylish and durable making them perfect for their interior and exterior locations. The plaques read:

This bike rack placed
 in memory of

Mark Chamberlin 

Who saw in life, 
as in bicycling, 
the road chosen 
is far more important 
than the destination.

Paid for by many individual donations
to the Mark Chamberlin Memorial Bike Rack Project

Below are some pictures of the installed racks and of the plaque that will be mounted next to each.

The Rep Rack - outside the Box Office door, in the staff parking lot.

The ACT Rack - On the balcony overlooking the lounge, next to the rehearsal room, shop, and shower facilities (where Mark always parked his own bike).

The rack plaque:

Monday, September 24, 2012


Hello to all!
I realize it has been some time since I posted an up-date on the current progress of the Mark Chamberlin Memorial Bike Rack Project. A lot has happened in the interim, and we are ever closer to achieving the goal of having bike racks installed at both ACT Theatre and Seattle Rep in Mark's memory. The executive directors, managers, and staff at both theatres have been incredibly supportive of the project and it is thanks to this reflection of their love for Mark that this project is moving forward towards completion!

The latest news pertains to the Seattle Rep site: The originally proposed location on the bike rack for the Seattle Rep needed to be changed when Seattle Center instigated a new policy on memorials installed on center grounds. Thanks largely to the invaluable help of Operations Manager John McNamara, a new site was found that satisfied all restrictions and requirements of both the Rep, and Seattle Center (which is no easy feat)! The bike rack will be located inside the staff parking area (near the box-office), where it can be conveniently used by all those who work at the theatre! 
The rack design for the Rep site went successfully through the proposal and approval process and the family is delighted as well! I have just received news that it's fabrication is complete and the rack will arrive in Seattle soon! The rack is custom made by the Bike Arc company in Palo Alto, CA. Founded by manager of Palo Alto Bicycles Jeff Selzer and architect Paul Bellomo, Bike Arc seemed a perfect company to go to for Mark's Seattle Rep memorial bike rack. The model of rack to be installed is called RacArc and is structurally simple and innovative, with a graceful sculptural design that I think Mark would appreciate. You can see the rack at:
You can learn about the Bike Arc company at:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bike_Arc
Once the rack arrives,the next step will be to commission the dedication plaque, then have the plaque and the rack installed!
Future updates will be coming soon, thanks for all your support.



Wednesday, November 9, 2011

$2000 Goal Met! Donations Continue to Come In!

I am delighted to say that we have met the original fundraising goal of $2000 and donations continue to come in! This is wonderful news because the more funds raised, the greater the potential quality and scope of the project!

The $2000 mark ensures that the bike project can securely go forward, but each additional dollar donated increases the aesthetic possibilities of the scheduled bike racks at ACT Theatre and Seattle Rep...and if a enough additional funds are raised, additional bike racks at other theaters might a possibility - who knows?! Of course, any funds not used directly on the construction and installation of bike racks will be given to Marks family to use or donate as they see fit.

If you or somebody you know would like to make a donation, you can do so now by clicking the PayPal "DONATE" button found on this page. Remember to let your friends know that they can see this blog (Mark Chamberlin Memorial Bike Rack Project) with the new, shorter address www.MCMBRP.com !

Thanks again to everyone who has been so supportive of this effort. Check back frequently or click follow below to get the latest updates!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

We are so close...but why stop there!?

Hello Friends of Mark!
I am delighted to report that thanks to all of you, we are only a FEW HUNDRED DOLLARS AWAY from the initial fund raising goal of $2000! 

But why stop there? 

While the $2000 goal will ensure that the bike racks are funded, the truth is that the more money raised, the better the memorial and plaques will look (and as always any surplus funds will be donated to the family to be used at their discretion). So once we meet the $2000 goal we are SO VERY CLOSE to achieving, the site will continue to accept donations of all sizes! 

If you know of someone who has yet to donate, please encourage them to go to the site soon! The site can now be reached through the NEW, more compact address of www.mcmbrp.com as well as through the more cumbersome, but classic http://www.markchamberlinmemorialbikerack.blogspot.com/

Thank you all for your donations and support on this project! 

Ian Bell